Why do you focus on startups and small businesses?

Easy… it’s the biggest market with the biggest needs  – for great design solutions that are pain free – and don’t cost a boat load time and money.

Why aren't you working for a fancy design firm?

To be honest – I am a senior-senior designer, that means I’m in my 50’s and most small design agencies want a younger crew of designers and creative directors. That suits me fine, with my experience I prefer working directly with small businesses directly and making a bigger difference in marketing results.

What's your greatest strength?

Building relationships – I good at listening to client’s and helping to identify needs, share helpful advice, and do everything possible to make sure they get the results they are looking for. I leverage all my talent and experience acquired over 30 years of working with clients of all sizes. My main goal is happy clients – not just great design and max billings.

Why not use a cheaper online design contest to get work done?

Most of those designers are not experienced or good business partner. Most are from other countries and will not be around next time you need something. Some like the results, but you don’t get any true interaction, guidance, or real experience. Think about it – if you pay $400 for a logo, the agent (website) get a third, only one designer gets paid remainder, so the other 30-80 designers get nothing. If all designers had an equal shot (which they don’t really, but lets pretend). They would average $5-$10 per entry. I’m not interested in that kind of return.