Even a small company should have a big brand.

Building a successful brand is all about consistency. That’s why I offer an integrated approach to design. It’s about con­stantly rein­forc­ing what you stand for across all touch points — so your audi­ences grow to rec­og­nize your brand and choose you… over the competition.

Whether your a start-up or an established business that needs to step up their brand – I can help. An integrated design solution that includes; brand identity, logo, print, website, email marketing, PowerPoint, display, illustration, and even packaging – getting all your creative needs form one source is an efficient way to build a consistent brand. Most designers specialize in one area, my strength is across all areas – which will maximize your brand image!

Your Brand is much more than a logo.

When people hear the name of your business, it will conjure up a set of impressions that influences how they think and buy – those thoughts define your brand. Your brand actually resides in your customer’s mind. It’s a result of all the impressions made by all encounters with your name, logo, marketing messages, and any thing else that people see or hear about your business. Every time someone comes to your place of business – looks around, visits your website, interacts with you or an employee, views an ad, that person forms an opinion or mind-set about your business.

Building a successful brand – is about consistency.

Constantly reinforcing what you stand for across all touch points, so that audiences grow to recognize your brand and choose your business over the competition.

What Every Business Should Know about maximizing their brand identity:

1) Proper branding is critical to your long term success. Some think of branding as logo development. But in reality, branding is managing the thoughts and feelings of your customers to ensure that they choose you. If your desired brand image isn’t what’s really in the minds of your target audience, you’ve got to figure out how to address those gaps. Remember – the customer is always right.

2) A brand’s visual identity is the overall look of its communications. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular visual elements to create distinction, such as specific fonts, colors, and graphic elements. At the core of every brand identity is a brand mark, or logo. Working with multiple creative sources typically leads to an inconsistent brand identity.

3) Your logo is just one part of your overall brand or corporate identity, but obviously a very important part. Your logo is a symbol, name or trademark that should concisely represent your brand. When choosing a logo designer look for: proven success and experience, professionalism, great understanding of brand identity, portfolio, price, and great customer service. You should be excited about your logo – you want your customer’s to be!

4) Create Brand Standards for your business.

Set your business apart by consistently designing your marketing materials. Think you’re not big enough to worry about your brand standards? I recommend that even the smallest companies develop and maintain brand standards from the very beginning. Focus your strategy and consistency in the following five areas: logo, graphics, color, fonts, illustration and/or photo style.

5) Stand for something. People want what they can understand and appreciate. If you’re trying to be everything to everybody, chances are you’ll attract no one. Better positioning allows you charge more for your services. Customers seek out experts, not generalists.

Early branding of a small or startup company is critical to business success.

It’s the quickest way for your company to express what it is and what it can offer. Every time some­one walks into your busi­ness, vis­its your website, inter­acts with an employee, or views a piece of print, that per­son forms an impression that will influ­ence how they think and buy. Build­ing a truly suc­cess­ful brand takes consistency. It’s about con­stantly rein­forc­ing what you stand for across all touch points, so your audi­ences grow to rec­og­nize your brand and chooses you over your competition. It can be your your most valuable asset.

So it’s really important to fully commit to your branding.

Treat every function of your company, brand identity and design, to product offerings and sales – as an integral aspect of your brand. It all starts with every interaction your business has with customers, vendors, and employees. Do it right– you’ll get great ROI!