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Some common questions I get asked & some honest answers.

Why do you love WordPress so much?

For any small or startup business, establishing a strong web presence can be tough. It is a serious issue since having a great online presence can come with costs, time and effort drains – which you can’t afford. So the easy and obvious solution to all these concerns is WordPress. Read more

Why do you focus on startups and small businesses?

Easy… it’s the biggest market with the biggest needs  – I have experienced great success working with business owner and relating my design work to to business objectives. Agencies are great at large companies with big budgets – small business is a sweet spot for me.

Why aren't you working for a fancy design firm?

To be honest – I am a bit of a senior-senior designer, which means I’m in my 50’s and most design agencies want a younger crew of designers and creative directors. Which at this point in my career if fine with me, with my vast experience, I prefer working directly with small businesses and making a bigger difference.

What's your greatest strength?

Building relationships – I good at listening to client’s and helping identify needs, sharing helpful advice, and getting results. I leverage all my talent and experience acquired over 30+ years of working with clients of all sizes to help make marketing initiatives successful. My primary goal is happy clients – not awards and max billings.

Why not use a cheaper online design contest to get work done?

Most of those designers are not very experienced or good business people. Most are from other countries and will not be around next time you need something. I have friends that have run logo contests and like the results, but you don’t get real interaction, guidance, or true experience. Think about it – if you pay $400 for your logo, the agent (website) get a third, only one designer gets paid the remainder – so the other 20-80 designers get nothing for their efforts. If each designer had an equal shot at winning contest and payment (which they don’t really, but lets pretend) – they would average $5-$10 per logo. How long could you survive on $10 per logo? Good luck with edits a year or two later.

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