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Resonable hourly rates for smaller projects.Projects quotes for defined scope.Expert skills – not expert cost.Let's get started Today!

I know all about working within budgets – and providing maximum value.

Great value is getting the solution that fits your specific needs, exceeds your expectations, is delivered on time, and gets results – all for a reasonable fee. My experience and work ethic allows me to get more done in less time. Every designer works differently – so when shopping around don’t just ask for hourly rate – ask “how long will it take”?

Low overhead with lots of experience – I charge much less than the bigger design studios and agencies ($80/hr compared to $200+/hr). If clients prefer a project estimate or quote – I am glad to provide one. Another option is  finding designers from another country or one just out of school that works at a cheaper rate, but trust me – most of my clients that tried that actually payed more – for inferior work – and struggled with communications.

I don’t pad my invoices – since I do all the work myself, I don’t need to multiply rates for meetings and sharing information with a team (which is common in the agency models). I bill only the hours I work on your project – and don’t add on a bunch of charges afterward (we’ve all seen that tactic) – no hidden surprises, no bull.

Here's an idea of my rate structure
Hourly Rate
per hr
  • digital design
  • print design
  • web design
  • brand work
  • photoshop
  • presentations
  • consultation
Blocks of Time
for 8 hr Block
  • Save 20%
  • That’s only $64/hr
  • Great for smaller or recurring projects
  • Receive statements
  • Easier billing
  • Time-saving
Basic Website
up to 7 pages
  • WordPress
  • customized theme
  • essentential plugins
  • you can edit content
  • 1 hr tutorial
  • 1 hr free support
  • 1 year free hosting

Get a Quote

I am always glad to provide quotes for work – as long as we have a clear picture of the project scope and defined expectations. I am open to discussion of your budget and finding a way to deliver great work for a fixed amount if necessary. Your talking to the guy doing the work, so no “he said/she said”.

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