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You’re a top-notch leadership advisor and you want to be the EOS® Implementer they select to work with – your brand image is a critical part of getting selected. You will be judged on your logo, website, and all the rest of your materials. It’s not the only factor – but let’s face it, it is a “big” one! I will help you look your best and get stuff done right – when you need it – and for a reasonable cost. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m very familiar with EOS Worldwide and their brand compliance standards – so I’ve got you covered there as well.

Your Website

I can build and design your website from scratch or I can update and manage it from where you are today. I’ll take care of all the technical stuff, like domain management, hosting, WordPress updates, make sure you have backups, security, clean malware, and all the other website management headaches that you don’t have time for. But most of all  – we’ll make sure your website provides you the credibility you need to land more 90-minute meetings. Let’s take your website to the next level!

Your Logo & Brand Image

Do you need to establish your brand with a new logo – or do you already have one and it just needs improvement? I have designed hundreds of logos for all types of businesses, I know how to work with the business owners that have a huge stake in their brand – and want it done right. And later down the line when you need additional changes or another file type or size – you can get them, no sweat.

All the Other Stuff

Then there’s all the other stuff  – like business cards, VTOs, Proven Process graphics, client gifts, workbooks – you name it. I’ll design them and help you get the best results for your money. It will look a lot better than trying to do-it-yourself – and you can focus on growing your business.

What EOS Implements say:

"Greg's a GREAT website developer at a reasonable cost. I really enjoy every minute of our conversations and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him. He’s hosting our sites and keeps everything running smoothly, he's quick to make edits, and has even helped us build an effective Adwords PPC campaign – he's a great go-to resource."

Jessica Stackpoole
EOS Implemeter

"Greg is amazing! He is fast, responsive, thoughtful, and a damn fine designer. On top of that, he is friendly and a pleasure to work with. His ability to quickly come up with a multitude of options, make changes and refinements, and follow all of the details that make for a successful offering is second-to-none. I have referred him to trusted partners in my business and have continued to work with him as I build my company. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Richard Palmer-Smith
EOS Implementer

"I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and marketing resource. He has 30+ years’ experience. His rates are the best deal in the entire Twin Cities for his level of talent. Greg is willing to jump in and make your site a top priority and turn the project around in less than a couple of weeks."

Greg Cleary
EOS Implementer & Leadership Coach
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