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As you start & grow your business – you’ll probably need a variety of creative services. Do you really want to search for a bunch of decent sources – or would you prefer ONE really good one?

Most small businesses prefer finding that single source for efficiency and consistency. Agencies offer a range of services – but generally, they are way too expensive for most small businesses. If you use multiple sources, you’ll need to constantly explain your business and constantly connect the dots. I provide consistency across all touch points to help you create a strong brand identity. You won’t have to spend all that time tracking down logos & artwork created by different designers. You also won’t have to worry if your source will be there when you need them? This will be a huge problem when something urgent comes up and you can’t locate them because they are now working for somebody else or have moved on. Relax – I’ve got you covered.

Quality creative at a reasonable price — designed to grow your business.

Custom designs, integrated and professional looks – that will proudly represent your business. I’ll start by designing your logo — move on to developing digital and/or printed business collateral — then build a website that fits your specific needs. I will help assess and define your needs and be a valuable resource to get you set-up and running. I will an advisor for the best resources; web hosting, printing, trade show materials, and the rest — or we can use vendors. If you already have a bunch of the pieces and your happy with them – we can focus on what’s missing. It’s totally up to you!

Design Services offered (alone or in combination):
Logo Design / Branding
Print Design (traditional & digital)


Website Design
PowerPoint Design
Signage & Display
All kinds of other stuff - just ask
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